General Conditions

The Championship and each of its Events are governed by VRM in accordance with the Regulations stated in this document.

All competing drivers must use their proper Name and Surname. No nicknames are allowed.

All drivers, competitors and officials participating in the Championship must hold an offical game licence.

Only club registered members are eligible to compete in Championship.


Late Registration

Drivers submitting a late registration can opt for one of the following options:

Option 1: Register as a late entry. Pay a pro rata participation fee of 2 euro per remaining race. Participant cannot drop the points of any missed race but has to drop the points of one of the coming races.

Option 2: Pay the full participation fee. Participant will be able to drop the points of a missed race.

[not applicable this season]


General Event Schedule

Each event consists of:

1. Practise Session:       30 Minutes
2. Qualifying Session:    20 Minutes
3. Warm Up Session:     05 Minutes
4. Race:                             20 to 35 Laps (Approx)


Points System

Points for both titles will be awarded at each Event according to the following scale:

01st Place - 25 Points
02nd Place -18 Points
03rd Place - 15 Points
04th Place - 12 Points
05th Place - 10 Points
06th Place - 08 Points
07th Place - 06Points
08th Place - 04Points
09th Place - 02 Points
10th Place - 01 Points

Seperate points will be assigned for each race heat. [not applicable this season]


Qualifying Format

Duration for the qualifying session will be a 35 minutes. The first 15 minutes will be allocated for the bottom 50% drivers during practise session. The last 15 minutes will be allocated to the top 50% during practise session. There will be an interval of 5 mins between the 1st session and the 2nd session. When the first 15 minutes are over, race director will inform drivers that session is over, and they are only allowed to complete that last lap. Once finished they must return to pits. [not applicable this season]

In the event of driving infringements during qualifying session the race director may drop the driver such number of grid position as he considers appropriate.

110% Qualifying Regulation

During qualifying session, any driver who fails to set a lap within 100 percent of the fastest time will not be allowed to start the race. [not applicable this season]


Success Ballast

Success ballast will be applied as follows:

a) To all the drivers taking part in each Event, according to the total points obtained in the driver's championship.

b) Success ballast is imposed according to the following scale:

1st Position:  +250 kg
2nd Position: +200 kg
3rd Position:  +150 kg

In the case of drivers having scored the same number of points in the championship, the lowest success ballast fixed for the relevant positions will be applied to all; i.e. if two drivers are classified equal 2nd, they will be given the 150 kg success ballast each, while the 200 kg success ballast will be given to the 1st position. In this case the 250 kg success ballast will not be awarded.

c) The 'success ballast system' might be further extended beyond the third position in case of equal points, irrespective of the position occupied.

d) The 'success ballast system' does not apply for the first and last race of the championship.

e) The 'success ballast system' is active during free practise, qualifying and race.

[not applicable this season]


Team Selection and Driver Changes

The team selection is determined at the beginning of each season. Each driver is ranked according to the points they scored in relation to the number of participations in all their racing career. The official ranking can be found here: Official Ranking.

The first 7 participating drivers (BIG7) from this offical ranking cannot drive together in the same team. The top ranked driver starts selecting his team and team mate first. When all the first 7 teams are formed, it up to the remaining drivers to select a team and group together. In case this gouping is not done, it will be up to the club to form the remaining teams. New drivers that register after a season has commenced may take any available seat.

Drivers cannot change the team or car once the championship has started.

[not applicable this season]


Rules and Regulations

- Driver's Championship Awards
The driver's championship title will be awarded to the driver who has scored the highest number of points,  taking into consideration all the results obtained during the EVENTS which have actualy taken place.

CLAUSE A2 - Constructors's Championship Award
The constructor's championship will be awarded to the make which has scored the highest number of points, results from both cars being  taken into account.

CLAUSE A3 - Finishing with same Points
If two or more drivers or teams finish the season with the same number of points, the higher place in the championship shall be awarded to : 

a) the holder of the greatest number of first places,
b) if the number of first places is the same, the holder of the greatest number of second places,
c) if the number of second places is the same, the holder of the greatest number of third places and so on until a winner emerges.

CLAUSE A4 - Prize Zone
Prize-Zone is determined during the annual pre-season meeting and is marked in blue in the results page. Drivers finishing in prize-zone in the Championship must be present at the annual VRM Prize Giving Ceremony.

CLAUSE B1 - Suspension of Race
If a race is suspended and cannot be resumed, no points will be awarded if the leader has completed less than two  laps, half points will be awarded if the  leader has completed more than two laps but less than 75% of the original race distance, and full points will be awarded if the leader has completed more than 75% of the original race distance.

CLAUSE B2 - Driver Absences
If a particular driver misses 3 official races in a row for any reason what so ever, it will be the decision of the team leader to sack or keep the driver concerned. In case the driver has been sacked he can re-join the championship with a new team. Drivers being inactive wil be informed of the situation.

CLAUSE B3 - Stopping of Race
A race cannot be stopped by race director if any driver has a technical problem comming from his side (including a disconection just before race start) or any accident involving many drivers.

CLAUSE B4 - Cancellation of Race
If a race is cancelled for a valid reason, the event is postponed by 7 days.

CLAUSE B5 - Drop Results
Each driver/team must drop the points of 1 race in both the driver's and constructors' championship. The points will be updated after each official race. The dropped points will be displayed in red.

CLAUSE B6 - Communication during Protests.
Drivers have the right to protest. Protests  must be sent to the chairmain of the board of discipline, which will then be forwarded to all disciplinay members .  Drivers are not allowed to send any comments by email, chat-rooms or other means on pending cases or when the official verdict has been announced. Failing to do so will result in the case being lost or considered a null depending the situation. (For more information check section - Processing of Protests)

CLAUSE B7 - Protest Investigation.
The only racing incidents which are investigated by the board of discipine are those cases which are filed by a driver or team. In case a driver files a protest against another driver and the board finds out that the latter was not guilty, but the protesting driver was the reason for the incident; in that case will be iinvestigated and penalised accordingly. However the board of discipline reserves the right to investigate any case irrespective if a protest was filed or not. (For more information check section - Processing of Protests)

CLAUSE B8 - Incidents
"Incident" means any occurrence or series of occurrences involving one or more drivers, or any action by any driver, which is reported to the board of discipline and subsequently investigation which:

a) Constituted a breach of these Sporting Regulations.
b) Caused a collision.
c) Forced a driver off the track.
d) Illegitimately prevented a legitimate overtaking manoeuvre by a driver.
e) Illegitimately impeded another driver during overtaking.

Regulations: 6.0, 7.0, 9.0, 12.0,13.0, 14.0, 15.0 and other incidents may be judged according the 'Penalty Reference Chart'.
Download Here:
Penalty Reference Chart

B8.1 - Time penalties applied to drivers may extend beyond their finishing position. For every 10 second penalty beyond the last position, a driver will have his points score moved back 1 position.

B8.2 - Incidents occuring during overtaking are judged according the 'Overtaking Reference Guide'
Download Here: Overtaking Reference Guide

B8.3 - In case of (DNF or DSQ), the penalty imposed on the driver causing an accident will have to be served at the driver's next event.

B8.4 - If the 'Penalty Reference Chart' (PRC) is not applicable due to DNF, DSQ, position of d
river or no damage system, the case will then be judged usimg other penalty levels depending on the gravity of the incident.

B8.5 - In certain circumstances in addition to the Level 3 Penalty (PRC) other additional penalties may apply depending on the gravity of the case.

CLAUSE B9 - AI Drivers
All sporting regulations stated below apply to incidents invoving AI drivers.


REG 1.0 - Pit Lane Exit Lights and Speed Limit

Drivers must obey the pit lane exit lights, and obey the pit lane speed during qualifying sessions. Level 1 Penalty = Warning.

REG 2.0 - Lining Up for Qualifying Session
When lining up to exit the pitlane at the start of a qualifying session, drivers must refrain from jumping the queue. Each car must line up in the order they arrive at pit exit. Cars must not change order until fully exiting pits at which time the standard rules apply for passing cleanly. Level 2 Penalty = Driver drops n positions during qualifying session.

REG 3.0 - White Line at Pit Exit
Drivers cannot cross the white line when they exit the pits. Abuse of this rule will result in the driver being penalized. Use 'Penalty Reference Table' in case the driver has disrupted another driver that is already on the track, and caused an accident. Level 1 Penalty = Warning

REG 4.0 - Blocking during Qualification
Drivers must not block other drivers during a qualifying session. If a driver receives a blue flag, they must move out of the way of the driver that is completing a hot lap. If both drivers are on hot laps, then rule (5.0) does not apply. Level 2 Penalty = Driver drops n positions during qualifying session.

REG 5.0 - 110% Percent Qualifying Rule
During qualifying session, any driver who fails to set a lap within 110 percent of the fastest time will not be allowed to start the race. Level 6 Penalty = Exclusion from race.

REG 6.0 - Incidents involving Collision
Drivers are to be extremely cautious to avoid collision with other drivers at all times, especially when being close to other vehicles or overtaking. Drivers causing a collision or forcing a driver off the track, which are reported to the Board of Discipline are to be investigated after the race in accordance with Clause B8. Level 3 Penalty (PRC).

REG 7.0 - Defending Position during Race
Manoeuvres liable to hinder other drivers, such as more than one change of direction to defend a position, deliberate crowding of a car beyond the edge of the track or any other abnormal change of direction, are not permitted. Penalties applied may be varied and depend on the severity of the case. Level 3 Penalty (PRC).

REG 8.0 - Cutting the Track
Drivers must use the track at all times. For the avoidance of doubt the white lines defining the track edges and the kerbs are considered to be part of the track . Drivers who take any form of shortcut to gain an advantage will be penalized. Penalties applied may be varied and depend on the severity of the case. Level 1 to Level 7 Penalty.

REG 8.1 - If however, a driver cuts through a chicane or takes a shortcut either to avoid an impact or through a genuine error will not be penailsed. In doing so, the driver must not take a shortcut at full speed but reduce his speed so as not to gain advantage from the manoeuvre. Any positions gained from such a manoeuvre must be given up within 2 laps unless the positions gained result from a crash between other drivers. Failure in giving back the position gained in the stipulated time of 2 laps will result in the addition of 10 seconds to the elapsed race time of the driver gaining the unfair advantage.

REG 9.0 - Rejoining Track
Should a car leave the track for any reason the driver may rejoin. However, this may only be done when it is safe to do so and without gaining any advantage. Unsafe recovery to the track and attempting to maintain track position by rejoining directly in front of other drivers is not permitted. The penalties associated with such an infringement can be varied and depend on the severity of the case. Level 3 Penalty (PRC).

REG 10.0 - Backmarker Rule
As soon as a car is caught by another car which is about to lap it during the race the driver must allow the faster driver past at the first available opportunity. Any driver that receives a blue flag must allow the leading cars to pass them by moving off the racing line and slowing down or maintaining their line and slowing down gradually where appropriate. Any driver who is deemed to be ignoring the blue flags will be penalized. Level 1 to Level 5 Penalty.

REG 11.0 - Forced Pit Stop
Drivers must do at least one pit stop to change tyres, during each race. The pit stop cannot be done in the last lap of the race. Failng the forced pit stop or doing the pit stop in the last race will result in a DSQ; and no points will be awarded. Level 6 Penalty = Disqualification from race.

REG 12.0 - Race Retirement
In case of race retirement, the driver must remove the vechicle as quicky as possible so that its presence does not constitute a danger or hinder other competitors. The penalty imposed for such infringement depends on the gravity of the case. Level 3 Penalty (PRC).

REG 13.0 - Severe Mechanical Difficulties
At no time may a car which has severe mechanical difficulties be driven in a manner which could be deemed potentially dangerous to other drivers. This applies to cars which have missing body parts or a puncture; as well as other severe damage. Level 3 Penalty (PRC).

REG 13.1 - Missing Wheel
A car with a missing wheel must be removed from track as quickly as possible so that its presence does not constitute a danger or hinder other competitors. Further driving the car in this condition is not allowed and will result in a disqualification from race.
Level 6 Penalty - Disqualification from race.

REG 14.0 - General Safety and Spin-Outs
Drivers are strictly forbidden to drive their car in the opposite direction to the race unless this is absolutely necessary in order to move the car from a dangerous position. If a car has a spin-out, the driver must wait for all close drivers to pass, before correcting his race direction and resuming the race. Level 3 Penalty (PRC).

REG 15.0 - Slow and Dangerous Driving
At no time may a car be driven unnecessarily slowly, erratically or in a manner which could be deemed potentially dangerous to other drivers or any other person. This will apply whether any such car is being driven on the track, the pit entry or the pit lane. Level 3 Penalty (PRC).

REG 16.0 - Redress Position
A driver that has caused an avoidable racing incident and has gained a position as a result may carefully redress the position by allowing the affected driver to overtake them within 1 lap of the incident occurring if no additional incidents or mistakes affect the original offending driver. Rule does not apply on the opening lap of a race and drivers should refrain from attempting to redress when the field is running close together. Drivers must wait until 1 corner after a redress to attempt to overtake.

REG 16.1
- Redressing after causing an avoidable racing incident negates the penalty for such an occurrence. However, if the incident in question causes position loss or damage to the recipient (e.g. lost wing, punctured tyre, etc), redressing does not negate the penalty.

REG 17.0 - Eligibility of Points
IIf a driver abandons the race for any reason whatsoever, the driver concerned will not be eligible for points. Only drivers who cross the finishing line are eligibe for points.

Reg 18.0 - Track Confinement

Drivers must use the track at all times; keeping a minimum of 2 wheels within the confines of the track at all times in both qualifying and the race. For the avoidance of doubt the white lines defining th track edges are considered to be part of the track but the kerbs are not. Level 1 to Level 7 Penalty.

REG 19.0 - Teaming Up
Drivers who are suspected of teaming-up with other drivers from other teams, forming a virtual team to aid each other, may be suspended from the championship for an indefinite time. All drivers must behave in an equal manner with all drivers and not favour any. Drivers of the same team are not allowed to block drivers from other teams. Level 6 Penalty = Suspention for a number of races or exclusion from the whole championship season.

REG 20.0 - No Result Drop if DSQ
Drivers who do not finish the race are still subject to disciplinary measures. In case a driver gets disqualified (DSQ) from a race, the result obtained in that particular heat cannot be dropped from their total points score. Level 6 Penalty = Disqualification from race.

REG 21.0 - Failing a Penalty
Drivers who are handed down a penalty are fully responsible for the carrying out of this penalty and must see to it that their penalty is observed. Faling to perform a penalty will result in the driver being disqualified from the heat, in which the penalty should have been applied. Level 6 Penalty = Disqualification from race.

REG 22.0 - No Chat and Talking
No chatting  is allowed during qualifiyng and race sessions, as this can distract other drivers. If someone chats during qualifying or race, he will get a warning by the race director. Any more abuse will result in the driver getting harsher penalties. Chatting resumes when all drivers have ended their session. All drivers must set their comminucation software to push-to-talk. Level 1 to Level 7 Penalty.

REG 23.0 - Hard Language
Drivers are expected to maintain respect both on and off track with other competitors. Derogatory, obscene comments aimed specifically towards other competitors, officials or persons must not be made at any time . Any driver who uses hard language against another person will be warned by race director to stop immeditaly. Further abuse can result in driver being banned straight away from current event. Race director will investigate the case after the race and harsher penalties may be applied. Level 1 to Level 7 Penalty.

REG 24.0 - Repeat Offences
Repeat offenses over the course of same or separate races result in a harsher penalty being assigned to the offender (if found guilty) each time.



Policy A: Drivers who turn up for the race must show clear control of the vehicle and show that they have at least done some basic driving around the track. Drivers who are deemed to be of danger to others and who cause repeated accidents may be suspended.

Policy B: Should there be a waiting list of drivers wishing to drive in the championship, drivers who fail many races may be automatically suspended from the championship to allow the waiting drivers to race. Drivers who commit themselves to the championship must honour their commitment.


Processing of Protests

The Board of Discipline consists of three (3) independent members not taking part in any competition. These members will individually review the protests recieved and then decide on the case.

Drivers wishing to protest at the irregular conduct of any driver on track may send an e-mail addresed to the board of discipline on within 48 hours of the races’ completion. Protests must be accompanied by as many details as possible, indicating clearly the reason behind the protest. A detailed description of incident, lap number, drivers involved, and a screenshot must be included with the protest. Protests which are received late and are not well documented will be rejected.

All protest information, including a video of the incident will be sent to all members of the board of discipline.

Results will be reported to all active drivers. Decisions are final.


Penalty Levels

Disciplinary board members have the power to impose various penalties on a driver if he commits an offence during a race. Offences may include track cutting, corner cutting, causing an avoidable accident, unfairly blocking another driver, impeding another driver when being lapped, careless driving in track or pit lane, etc.

Level 1 - Warning
Only a verbal warning is given.

Level 2 - Grid Position Penalty
Disciplinary members may choose to enforce this penalty whereby they can force a driver to drop a number of grid positions at the next event.

Level 3 - Time Penalty
n seconds will be added to the elapsed race time of the driver concerned.

Level 4 - Drive Through Penalty
The driver must enter the pits, drive through the pit lane at the pit-lane speed limit and rejoin the race without stopping. Depending on the length of the pit lane this can cost a driver a significant amount of time. During this time the driver’s team are not permitted to work on the car and no refueling permitted. This penalty must be completed in the first 5 laps of the race. Failure to do so may result in a black flag and the driver being excluded from the race). This may not be considered as a forced pitstop during the race and must be performed only as part of the penalty.

Level 5 - Stop and Go Penalty
More severe is the n-second time penalty (also commonly known as a stop-go penalty) where the driver must not only enter the pits, but must also stop for n seconds at his pit before rejoining the race. During this time the driver’s team are not permitted to work on the car and no refue
lling permitted. Failure to complete penalty may result in a black flag and the driver being excluded from the race. This may not be considered as a forced pitstop during the race and must be performed only as part of the penalty.

Level 6 - Disqualification, Suspension or Exclusion
Depending on the gravity of the incident, the driver may be disqualified from race, be suspended for a number of races or excluded from the whole championship season.

Level 7 - Withdrawal of Championship Points
Driver or Team may have point deductions.


Game Settings and Regulations

Flag Rules: Full
Fuel Usage: Off
Tire Usage: Normal
Mechanical Failures:Off
Fixed Setups: Yes
Race Time Scale: Normal

Type of Start: Standing
Race Length Type: Laps
Fixed Upgrades: Yes

Driving Aids

Invulnerability:        ON
Steering Help:         OFF
Braking Help:          OFF
Opposite Lock :      OFF
Spin Recovery:       OFF
Auto Pit Lane:         OFF

Stability Control:    OFF
Anti-Lock Brakes: LOW
Traction Control:   MEDIUM
Auto Shifting:         OFF
Auto Clutch:           ON

Damage Multiplier:
40% [not applicable this season]
AI Strength: 90% [can be changed for each race]
Forced Driving View: